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Juan Zarate SYP Comic Debut! Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

Juan Zarate SYP Comic Debut!

Big Shout-out! to Watcha’s one and only Juan Zarate! He got to open up for Chingo Bling (@ChingoBling) this weekend having his first run at comedy be 5 sold out shows in a row. In the words of Juan Zarate “Stand Up is something new for me…But I love the shit already. I love music too. Both give me a rush. Looking forward to doing more this year. No time for bullshittin anymore.”  Juan Zarate is a founding member of Watcha Magazine and his column Junito’s Wisdom has shown his…

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8 Things Novela Taught Us Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

8 Things Novela Taught Us

When you grow up in a Mexican household there are some things that are inevitable. Things that just exist. Things that are fact. Purple Fabuloso. Una veladora. A calendar from a local panaderia that is always three months behind. Drunk adults crying at kids parties. El Buki’s voice playing somewhere. (Little know fact: If you clean a Marco Antonio Solis CD with Purple Fabuloso, Jesus appears) The final constant? Novelas. Novelas all up in ya crib bruh. From way back when the lady on the box of Chocolate Abuelita was…

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Immigrants and their free ride in America Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

Immigrants and their free ride in America

Look at Paco. He doesn’t know how easy he has it. Twenty two years old. He’s somewhere in southern Mexico. Eyes puffy. Maybe he’s tired. Maybe this has been the day he’s been waiting for. Maybe the day he’s been dreading. Look at him put all the money he’s earned in the fields inside a lucky sock. Paco stashes it in his old book bag along with one change of clothes, couple pictures…couple scriptures. A pencil written love letter from Juanita. He loved her you know. Letter looks worn out….

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Cubano. A love and pain story Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

Cubano. A love and pain story

By Daniel Sixto  Pinche Juanito went and poked the hornet’s nest of crazy Cuban, and how can i disappoint with anything else but a curse laden rant. So here it goes.I truly hope Obama’s decision to open relations with Cuba has good results. I hope it helps Cuba. I hope it helps the US. I wish for it to inspire Cubans to demand more freedoms, uprise peacefully, as an old regime crumbles, all while keeping the US at arms length. I really do. For I recognize my features, and certain…

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Maybe Exclusive Featured 


Maybe I grew up in a mostly Latino and African American neighborhood because that was where my parents could pay rent. Maybe they could only pay rent there because my parents immigrated into this country with only a bag of clothes. Maybe they worked 16 hrs a day 7 days a week in ranches cutting cabbage. Maybe they worked 2 or 3 jobs, and yet it was barely enough to get by. Maybe there was a crack house on the corner that not only served the junkies within the blocks,…

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Lia Latina Turntablists in Chicago Exclusive Featured 

Lia Latina Turntablists in Chicago

Story by Kimberly Manzanares Turntablists in Chicago are not all that rare, but try finding a Latina turntablist in Chicago and you would have to look pretty hard. If ya’ll exist in abundance, I apologize profusely. Lia is my new hero for kicking ass and also for being a DJ—she even helps to teach the shorties!! I sat down with her for a couple minutes to ask about her skills and to learn some new vocab. Be sure to check out the links below for more info on some of the…

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Vital B-Girl from Sour Apples Crew Exclusive Featured 

Vital B-Girl from Sour Apples Crew

  Written by Kimberly Manzanares As a student, I have been interviewing people for different projects for a little over seven years. I think it’s one of the most important tasks of our generation. I believe in the power of the spoken word and when joined with the power of the pen, I believe that these histories are un-fucking-stoppable. I have a personal stake in these histories because these kinds of stories rarely make it into books or movies. Now that I am [almost] finished with the formalities of academia,…

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Authentic Exclusive Featured 


The other day someone told me he knew where I could get some really good Mexican food, and that one of the restaurants was “authentic”. I wish he hadn’t said that, because it struck me like a knife. Authentic! it’s piercing syllables stabbing my heart like a murderous rage. It’s meaning diminished the moment it left his lips, fading into thin air. What do you know about authentic? What do you know about tacos being a way of life? Where miraculous tortillas become utensils instead of choices on a menu?…

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