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Cubano. A love and pain story

By Daniel Sixto 

Pinche Juanito went and poked the hornet’s nest of crazy Cuban, and how can i disappoint with anything else but a curse laden rant. So here it goes.I truly hope Obama’s decision to open relations with Cuba has good results. I hope it helps Cuba. I hope it helps the US. I wish for it to inspire Cubans to demand more freedoms, uprise peacefully, as an old regime crumbles, all while keeping the US at arms length. I really do. For I recognize my features, and certain demeanors in Cuba, but Cuba is like a dead parent i never met. What Cuban is in me is the remnants of a bygone era. A rough one, with streaks of good times in the shadow of dictators and war. It’s painful and stressful knowing that that fading culture and all its important influences on me, are my responsibility to pass on. My father took the journey beyond, I have no kids yet, and if i did tomorrow, my grandparents would have to be 112 to speak to them at an age they would understand. AND I speak shit spanish.20140305-cuba-exteriors-sl-1538_53ee39d1154ce422fc2278062244c068

My connection and point of view, is through my own research, academics and very much my grandparents and my father who carried a degree of the pain with him deep down, his whole life. The trauma was still raw. My father was a teen heir robbed of revolutionary glory and pride, thrust in to a smoggy, racist, violent, drug filled land of Yankees, where his brilliance was greeted like a useless idiot, who didn’t speak ‘Merican. It magnified the fire already in him.. Us. And he spent a productive life here doing exceptionally good for a highschool drop out, shitting on corporate snakes the whole way. Left with an eagle feather, loved by many good people and hated by some the most despicable, spineless pieces of shit this world has to offer.The Cuban in us is heavy on honor culture , resolve with death, a highly critical, distrusting and cautiously analytical approach to authority, with a rabid hate for any kind of injustice.

The people now are a “victim of circumstance”. Cubans are beautiful people, strong people, but disarmed people. Disarmed despite their valiant efforts, and even still resistance here and there quickly become another in the masses of political prisoners. Despite the generations of cultural separation I love them. I am proud when a Cuban boxer fucks someone up, or when i hear their rappers speaking out (my grandpa put me on to Los Aldeanos) or baseball players escape and make bank in the Major League. I am not a fan of Democrats or Republicans, but i even got a little choked when Marco Rubio gave that speech about his family history (even though the hypocrite backed NSA spying wtf). I’m proud that my future children with my Ethiopian wife, will still pass as Cuban. I am proud of the powers of the orishas disguised as Catholic saints, that fuel a relentless survival for many.

With that said, my opinion is based on a very real context, backed with testimony from first hand witness accounts, that pro Castro types, and liberal professors, somehow hold against me when formulating rock solid arguments, against their heroes.Fidel Castro und Ernesto "Che Guevara"

Traditionally and historically, Cubans are politically ferocious, uncontrollable, impatient, powerful and restless, sometimes hilariously vulgar; then jovial, collect and classy at an eerie flip of a switch, and highly capable of civilized and organized free government. It is the nature of our very blood; we were not built to fare well in a communist totalitarian government, of any degree. That shit is a Russian import. Everything that is associated with the “icons” of revolution were a result of tens of thousands of people who put their lives and families on the line, to lock themselve in, at war with a rabid lion on a little island in the Carribean once more in a historic chain of such battles. Che believed his own hype, and murdered Cubans with glee, even his own soldiers for next to nothing. Camilo was a humble field general, the real leader of the people, truly for the people, HIS people, and died for it, murdered for it, by Fidel who attempted many times before through set ups suicide missions. My grandfather would disappear to dynamite bridges then come back home to see what progress my grandmother had in maintaining normalcy and feed the babies. All the while she was wondering if he would come home alive. Her cousin Ramon “Mongo” Gonzalez Coro caught a sniper bullet while storming a courthouse with rebels to free a friend from a railroad trial and execution. He died in the forest, and now has a hospital named after him. My grandfather was a military escort for Che in Pinar Del Rio. He discussed the future of Cuba once with him. Che shared many Marxist ideas, to which my grandfather told him “Ill be a dog before a communist” to which Che said “well you better get a leash.” He left the revolutionary army when he witnessed Che execute one of his own soldier, righ in the base, because a child screamed through the fence that that soldier killed his father. No trial. Despite his own likely list of murdered father’s, he put a gun to the soldiers head and bam. Grandpa never got a leash instead he used rank and connection to get walking papers, before leaving behind a lake of blood sweat and tears.

People forget the context of Cuban revolt, and Cuban justice, and that energy of resistance. Cuba isn’t naturally in a frozen state. It’s charming and quant to outsiders who visit, but it’s not like the rural towns in America who have been naturally preserved. Cubans we were not built for stagnation. It’s why they fought for the revolution, and why many they were run out after it became the “people’s” revolution for the best interest of Fidel and Che, and they became a vet/threat. My elder patriarchs, the ones who risked their lives at arms, even imprisoned and beaten beyond recognition by military serial killers, never let a drop of resentment for the way they were betrayed by Castro leak from from their hearts. They’re probably offended by the that Disney song “Let it go”. But of course, they haven’t been locked in a room, fuming the last 55 years. It’s more like when Curly hears pop goes the weasle.

So with the exile, imprisonment, and mass extinction of resistance, Castro’s Cuba was born. Many of those who remained did so in silence and resolved in defeat, until it seems the new way of totalitarian living became natural to many and the next generations, who know nothing else. They carry on with life, like people who found normalization in prison. Those still resisting quickly joined the imprisoned masses of political prisoners. When people outside see Cuba, some see the idealism of free health care/education, with some “workable concessions”. Some do see the tragic oppression, and injustice. Many Cuban Americans see Cuba as the latter, with even some seeing the former, but both always feel the heart wrenching destruction of a beautiful dream and people with brilliant ambition and unchained drive, that outsiders rarely understand. Gloria’s “Mi Tierra” breaks my heart and i never set foot on Cuban soil.

As far as Cuban in light of these current events…

hav02Cuba is deep in it and I don’t think anything is going change because of US “openness.” Fidel is gone. Likely dead. His brother is running the show, and nobody respects Raul… really. So he is not trying to misstep. Fidel was a living myth and mysterious threatening power to many that live there, thoroughly soaked in propaganda, true lies, and oppression. Raul I was told, was a try hard tag along and wreckless copilot. So long as he is alive, all engagement with the US will be a one sided take relationship, and cynical trickery. I believe Raul will use the benefits to secure the future of his rusted empire, with no pressure to stop with Russian and Chinese support, that is if this turns out to be anything at all beyond a political stunt on both sides. OR they will take the china approach, and Cubans will be the new chinese slaves working in shitty conditions with nets around the build for when they jump out the windows, still clutching the guts of the next iphone. Shit i was a little worried the President was trying to get Assata in that deal; recall Obama put her on the most wanted list, but i guess “Mr. Dirt off his shoulder” would have no sympathies for Pac’s auntie. My thought is, watch those old fucks die off. Sit at the end of key west with some Materva, croquetes, listening to am radio baseball, looking through binoculars, and grin at them until they fade into irrelevence. Then start reaching out to people without that old shadow over them anymore. Make the offer, like a shady dude trying to hit on someones woman, “when he’s gone, you come find me..” and show them what you have to offer. Also, I hope someone shoots the Castros in the gut a day before they would have naturally died of bowel infections for years of being full of more shit than they could eat.. Come MIERDA!

As far as the United States in light of this wonderful executive order..

Now it is in fashion to revere the idea of the designated revolutionary heroes, accept the post victory communist euphoria stamp and ignore the human rights atrocities, and oppression that followed. With Snowden hiding in Russia, it is clear our country and politicians have a very short term memory. It’s clear that so many people are so far out of touch with the brutal reality of this world, they are willing to trade in rights and amendments, for protection against the off chance they are shot by a white lunatic or blown up by a terrorist and “prematurely” die before they are allowed the entitlement to tweet the symptoms of their drug, polution, and fast food induced heart failure. And Mr. President… A lot of our parents were being taught as kids that the space under their desk and asbestos curtains were nuke proof. That’s not cool… Even if it did happen “before most of us were born”. So did the holocaust, but i guess a few decades should clear that slate. Sell that to that lady in Cali who filled her “depends” when she spotted a swastika after stroking out for 30 minutes staring at wrapping paper.

Plus its the same fucking guys. Old people like routine. And old communists? shit. Raul probably trucks in people for rallies to passionately inquire the where abouts of his favorite cerael bowl, tucked a foot back from it’s usual spot, offering rewards to children to rat out their parents for cooperation in this dire US backed conspiracy. You will sooner see Castro sagging skinny jeans before these old fucks change.

I would imagine the ultimate logic and goal of the WhiteHouse with this move, besides making some insider bank, would be some half ass defensive measure to coax Cuba away from their historic Russian and Chinese allies, as some kind of defense for fucking up with starting then ripping out of war in Afghanistan, and losing position in Russia and China’s backyard. Now the concern would be since we have shown weakness, will our rivals counter attack plant itself in OUR OWN backyard where they already have copy of the keys? Agree or disagree with the war, rules of a fight are, you start that shit you finish it, no changing your mind once it’s on, regardless of you change of heart. Now we have a strengthening Taliban, and ISIS, killing off our allies, with no back up, dashing the hopes of people worldwide that may wish one day to have their chance at trying to make a democracy, and some semblence of liberty and freedom. Whether or not we actually ever did that for anyone, the hope is poweful. From now on, it will be a harder sell if we need those countries to help us, or even let us in to operate. We came in, shitted all over the place, then abandoned the guys who loyally wiped our asses. Should we be world police? Fuck no, but the reality is, every corner of the world’s civilizations are now a product of imperialism, colonialism, war, corruption, theft and greed; being reactive is a death sentence, similar to what we are seeing now. Even North Korea is bullying us now. Love him or hate him, but under Bush, we laughed at those assholes and Syria was quiet as a mouse. WTF?

I gotta admit the paranoid Cuban in me saw Obama running a campaign straight out of Castro’s playbook. This mystical figure. Promising social reforms delivered by big government. Pictures of Che in his campaign offices, talking about redistribution of wealth, and blanket demonization of the wealthy. If i didn’t know better it would feel like someone fixing up a house for sale to China. Getting the people all organized, dumb and in line. These politicians, particularly democrats have been bending over for Castro since JFK pulled the plug on the Bay of Pigs leaving freedom fighters to be gunned down while our sickened military watched miles off shore. Then you had Clinton and his big brother Janet Reno illegally sending storm troopers in on Elian. Yeah, im THAT Cuban… I still remember that shit, and it still stings.

I have no Zionist style dreams of returning the “motherland”. My dad was a refugee, my wife is a refugee, and the way shit is going in the US, I MIGHT be a refugee one day. So fuck that Cuban regime for all the people they betrayed, killed, and the amazing revolution that they put a communist leash on…. Fuck the snitches and rats that sold out their brothers to secure overseer jobs……and fuck Jay-Z’s open letter too….

They are about as trust worthy as an alcoholic dead beat dad with a new girlfriend. And you know what, just cause I still can 90 miles North of Castro, fuck Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Eric Holder. Any benefit we give Cuba now goes against everything American is supposed to stand for at it’s very core. So there you have it. The opinion of a half gringo Cuban descendant of those who fought against US corruption and puppet dictator in Cuba, who were then banished to the land of that very same defeated enemy, facing off with corruption again. It’s a sick comedy, ironically right inline with the twisted Cuban sense of humor (which may be an actual organ keeping us alive). I would love to see Obama prove me wrong on so many things. I hope real freedom comes to Cuba, and the people are revived back to full hellraiser status, but for now, im still calling my Bacardi and Cokes, “mentiritas.”

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