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MLK Day. Football. No Dogs, Negros or Mexicans. Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

MLK Day. Football. No Dogs, Negros or Mexicans.


“If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper you’re misinformed” – Mark Twain

I’m sitting here going through my social networks news feed and can barely tell it’s MLK day. A couple Martin quotes here and there. A few blogs. The obligatory “I have a dream” youtube link.

No. My feed is dominated by Richard Sherman. Funny memes. Tweets and blogs ranging from anger to ridicule.

Sherman is a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. He caused a storm for being loud, arrogant and full of machismo while being interviewed seconds after making the defining play against a bitter rival that sends his team to the Super Bowl. Read that again.


Football is America’s sport now. We love the violence. The punishing blows. The amazing athleticism. Knocking helmets off. There is nothing like a defensive stop when you most need it. But yeah. Screaming after the game is totally crossing the line.

America. You’re mad at Sherman for acting EXACTLY like you when your team does something amazing.

Except…he’s actually ON the team.

“oh but he’s a professional”

Ok. Now look at his profession. You want him out there fighting, putting his well being on the line for three hours. Built up testosterone and adrenaline…Then interview him seconds after the clock runs out? Why interview an already emotional guy?

You wanted the same boring answers?

I bring up MLK and race…Only because N words were flying over many of those angry tweets I spoke of earlier. I bring up the media…because he is not the only trash talking athlete in history.

Remember that Jordan guy? Nobody talked more trash than him. NOBODY. Jordan got into it with reporters. Even went on a media strike during the third title run. He rarely took back lash from the media or fans. Was it cause he was so good? The titles? Cause he was safe? Cause he was on your favorite team? Or was it just the pre twitter era?

Sherman went to Stanford. One of the best corners in the league, he donates time and money to charity. He is, however, emotional and speaks his mind about anything from sports to politics. Jordan once refused to say what political party he backed because “Republicans and Democrats both buy shoes”

We don’t want the truth. We want the violent hits but don’t wanna talk about concussions killing off former NFL players. We want the shoes but don’t wanna talk about the sweat shops. We’ll talk Martin Luther King but turn the other cheek on Malcolm and Huey Newton. We’ll speak of the black struggle in the Jim Crowe South but pretend Mexicans didn’t get lynched too.

My father tells me he would enter restaurants where no one would serve him. Kicked out. He didn’t speak English back then…but he vividly remembers the cold stares and “motherfucker” growls at his direction. Chased. Hated.

For being one of three things. A dog. A Negro. Or a Mexican. In that order.

The Latino vote is a major priority. Nationwide supermarkets have a Mexican Isle. Chinese food joints in Brooklyn serve Puerto Rican rice. Brown people are not a minority.

Yet predominantly Latino schools don’t have Latin American History Studies.

I salute Martin Luther King Jr. I salute him for standing up and fighting. For equality. For peace. For justice.

I am reminded that the fight…the struggle continues.

Every time I hear that black people are all thugs I just look at a recent picture of the Oval Office. Every time I hear that Mexicans come to this country to be lazy…I go look outside of Home Depot on a freezing winter morning.

There’s many angles to truth. It’s all about perspective. What the media says isn’t the complete reality.

Reality: Man works with company for 7 years at high level. Finds a better job and company and is doing better than ever.

Media: LeBron quit on his team and is a coward who can’t win on his own.

Choose your own truth.

I’m not mad at Sherman. I’m not even mad at you if you hate him now. Actually, I’m not even mad.

I’m just a Mexican American that stops at as many restaurants as I can on road trips. I do it for my pops.

It’s all love here baby.

“I’ve decided to stick to love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” – Martin Luther King Jr

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  1. Right on, Carnal! Beautifully written piece. Salud!

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