Authentic Exclusive Featured 


The other day someone told me he knew where I could get some really good Mexican food, and that one of the restaurants was “authentic”. I wish he hadn’t said that, because it struck me like a knife. Authentic! it’s piercing syllables stabbing my heart like a murderous rage. It’s meaning diminished the moment it left his lips, fading into thin air. What do you know about authentic? What do you know about tacos being a way of life? Where miraculous tortillas become utensils instead of choices on a menu?…

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10 ways to spot a Psycho on Facebook Wisdoms 

10 ways to spot a Psycho on Facebook

I’m from the beeper era. I couldn’t tell if a chick was a psycho back then till she left me four voice mails in a row threatening suicide. The fifth voice mail she apologized laughing and told me she loved me. Smh. You had to actually date a chick. You thought she was cool till she flipped out at the miniature golf course cause you gave a high five to a chick who made a tough shot. Now she’s throwing your golf ball at the clown figure and calling you…

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Valentine’s Day tips for your lonely ass! Exclusive Wisdoms 

Valentine’s Day tips for your lonely ass!

I do this for your own good. 1. Don’t call/text your ex. It won’t be fun for you. My homie once answered a call from his ex on Valentine’s during sex. Luckily she didn’t Skype. Be smart. What you should’ve done is fake butt dialed them two weeks ago and sent them a “hey stranger” text last weekend. You know. To get the ball rolling. Too late. Now you’re stuck stalking their fb page that they unfriended you on to see if you can see any pics. 2. Stay away…

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Exclusive “Seis 25” By Bocafloja ft. Edgaro Exclusive Featured 

Exclusive “Seis 25” By Bocafloja ft. Edgaro

Seis 25 is a radiography of colonialism translated into the language of affection; body and sexual politics. Gas-Lab, behind the music production, brings his jazz & soul-infused sound, executed unpredictably.Bocafloja is sharp in his narrative of a topic that is rarely is approached from a decolonial perspective, and this time collaborating with one of the icons of the Cuban hip hop movement: Edgaro, from the group Doble Filo.Seis 25 was filmed in New York and directed by Cambio. It is the first visual project from Lado B de Patologías del…

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MLK Day. Football. No Dogs, Negros or Mexicans. Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

MLK Day. Football. No Dogs, Negros or Mexicans.

“If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper you’re misinformed” – Mark Twain I’m sitting here going through my social networks news feed and can barely tell it’s MLK day. A couple Martin quotes here and there. A few blogs. The obligatory “I have a dream” youtube link. No. My feed is dominated by Richard Sherman. Funny memes. Tweets and blogs ranging from anger to ridicule. Sherman is a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. He caused a storm for being loud, arrogant and full of…

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guadaRAPjara Let The Beat Drop Featured 

guadaRAPjara Let The Beat Drop

Saludos hermano gracias por tomar el tiempo con nosotros. Para la gente que no sabe…cuanto tiempo tiene el Bial haciendo esto del hip hop?  Productor y beatmaker originario de Guadalajara, Jalisco naci en el año 1983, apasionado de la música y cultura hip-hop desde la niñez, en 2001 comencé mis primeros pasos secuenciando y sampleando mis propias instrumentales, en 2003 decidi dedicarme 100% a la producción y deje de lado la faceta de mc, en 2005 funde el sello Handiclap Records junto con mc’s de Guadalajara como Tabernario, Crox, Ludiko, Wonder yTwisted…

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Interview with MaddJazz Exclusive Featured 

Interview with MaddJazz

  First of all, thank you for giving us the time brother. You’re still considered a young DJ, but most definitely a veteran. When did you start DJing? No problem, the pleasure is all mine. Well, the first time I ever even touched DJ equipment I was about 12 or 13 years old. My older Cousin Gus had some turntables and he taught me the basic functions, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until about a year later during my freshman year of high school in 1996. I was…

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How to spot a GREAT taco spot Exclusive Wisdoms 

How to spot a GREAT taco spot

People think that just cause I’m Mexican that I eat tacos ALL the time. Smh. You muthafuckin right!!! I can quote “Blood in Blood out” and Chalino Sanchez lyrics on command. I have the shot mark on my arm that proves I was born in Mexico and one of my exes tried doing brujería on me. I have drank Pepsi from a plastic bag and judge people who tattoo their own name on themselves. Yes. This makes me an EXPERT on tacos. Tacos weren’t a luxury back then. I can’t…

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