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Sozay The Mexican Hustla Featured Interviews 

Sozay The Mexican Hustla


Texas is the hustlers capital. Blocks are filled with Street Vendors trying to one up for the dollar. From the border wars, to the dope game, to the rap game. It’s all a hustle.

You think Texas rap you think UGK. Geto Boys. Scarface. Swishahouse. Dope House Records. You think Spm. Juan Gotti and Lucky Luciano. Screwed and Chopped. You think Chingo Bling.

Time to think Luis Perez Sozay.

Hailing from Fort Worth Texas, Sozay is racking up Rhymes and cash. You might forget Fort Worth with Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and even Corpus Christie taking the light. But Sozay started a one man army through sheer will.

Old school. Not these new social network rappers trying to get Facebook famous. Grass roots. Pressing up your own shit. Out the trunk. Straight to the mall. La garra. Swap meet action. Where the raza at.

You ever been at the Mercado…you might not even be hungry…but homie convinces you to get some Tacos as you walk by.

The hustle. Taloneando. Mi gente.

Don’t get it twisted though. The Rhymes are there. The bars. The beats. The pain. The struggle. The life. It’s all real. All facts.

Las ganas y la calidad. We respect that. If you’re mad at that…You’ll be mad forever.

Learn a bit more about the brother Sozay.


Watcha: Just a quick history for those that don’t know. How long have you been in the game brother?

Sozay: I’ve been in the game since 2005 homie.

W: How many albums deep are you?

S: 14 projects deep under Hollow Point Enterprises: 1.Chopped up mextape 2. Mexican Maztermindz 3. Mexican Hardhittaz 4.Mentalidad Callejera 5.Mexican Hardhittaz vol.2 6. 817% Gangzta 7. Chopped up Mextape vol. 2 8. Dopezt Mixtape 9. Mexican Hardhittaz vol. 3 10. Sangre de Gallo  11.15 Hollow Points 12. En Las Calles 13. MurdaWorth Mexicanz 14. 15 Hollow Points vol.2

W: Texas rap is known for Houston, Dallas, San Antonio. How does it feel to be putting your city on your shoulders as far as Latinos?

S: It feels good, and it’s an honor to be doing so. Holding it down for all the Raza in Fort Worth, TX when it comes to rap. It ain’t easy but thanks to the man above I’m well respected and got the Spanish rap on lock in my city.

W: Who, or what were your biggest influences coming up in the game?

S: The biggest influences for me are Spm, KintoSol, 3 6 mafia, Eminem and Tupac.

W: You’ve worked with alot of artist during your run. Who have been your favorite colabos and Who would you love to work with now?

S: I’ve got to work with Spm, Bizzy Bone, Juan Gotti, Mr Shadow¬† and had a show with B Real of Cypress Hill in San Antonio. I would like to work with Lil Rob and Tankeone of La MexaMafia. A track with Pitbull is a long term goal of mine.

W: Texas rap is known for the hustle. You are well known for that too. What sets you apart from rappers who just “rap”?

S: Everybody thinks it’s just about rapping and rhyming. No homie. You need to press up legit cds, serve them in the streets, road trip and/or travel to other cities and grind. Drop music videos, and most importantly keep it real. If you don’t live it don’t spit it.

W: Real shit bro. Well, you’ve put your blood representing Latin Hip hop. What do you think of the state of Latin Rap now…and what does it need to hit the next level?

S: Latin hip hop is killing the game right now, but I think it would do twice as good if some of us got together on some real shit and made some big moves. A lot of hating going around and that’s no good.

W: What the best…or your favorite verse, song you’ve ever done?

S: Definitely my verses on my song feat Spm, YouTube it : Killing Competition.

W: What’s next for Sozay? Music…albums…clothing? labels?

S: I got a new album in the works, Mr 50/50. Literally half English half Spanish. Clothing line coming real soon as well. As far as making deals with other labels, if the money is right then it’s on.

W: If all your plans work out, where is Luis Perez Sozay in 5 years?

S: 5 years from now I’ll be banking like a muthafucka, putting Mexicans on the map like no one else has. With or without a major deal.

W: Where can people find your music?

S: You can find my music on iTunes, amazon mp3 and any other digital store worldwide.

W: Anything else you’d like to tell the Watcha people before you leave?

S: Just a message to all my Mexican rappers out there, keep it Raza homies, don’t forget your roots!!

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