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Juan Zarate SYP Comic Debut! Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

Juan Zarate SYP Comic Debut!

Big Shout-out! to Watcha’s one and only Juan Zarate! He got to open up for Chingo Bling (@ChingoBling) this weekend having his first run at comedy be 5 sold out shows in a row. In the words of Juan Zarate “Stand Up is something new for me…But I love the shit already. I love music too. Both give me a rush. Looking forward to doing more this year. No time for bullshittin anymore.”  Juan Zarate is a founding member of Watcha Magazine and his column Junito’s Wisdom has shown his…

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Chicago hood: a love and hate story Wisdoms 

Chicago hood: a love and hate story

My niece came to visit me at work yesterday. Soon as she saw me she ran to me and hugged me. Kiki is only three years old so she says my name a lil weird still. “Chinito”. She’s trying to say Juanito. But I pick her up and she gives me a kiss and tells me she loves me with no problem. A three year old was shot on the face last night. At a park. A total of 13 people were shot at a park 3 blocks from where…

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