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Juan Zarate SYP Comic Debut! Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

Juan Zarate SYP Comic Debut!

Big Shout-out! to Watcha’s one and only Juan Zarate! He got to open up for Chingo Bling (@ChingoBling) this weekend having his first run at comedy be 5 sold out shows in a row. In the words of Juan Zarate “Stand Up is something new for me…But I love the shit already. I love music too. Both give me a rush. Looking forward to doing more this year. No time for bullshittin anymore.”  Juan Zarate is a founding member of Watcha Magazine and his column Junito’s Wisdom has shown his…

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Cubano. A love and pain story Exclusive Featured Wisdoms 

Cubano. A love and pain story

By Daniel Sixto  Pinche Juanito went and poked the hornet’s nest of crazy Cuban, and how can i disappoint with anything else but a curse laden rant. So here it goes.I truly hope Obama’s decision to open relations with Cuba has good results. I hope it helps Cuba. I hope it helps the US. I wish for it to inspire Cubans to demand more freedoms, uprise peacefully, as an old regime crumbles, all while keeping the US at arms length. I really do. For I recognize my features, and certain…

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The 20 greatest Latino hip hop albums EVER Exclusive 

The 20 greatest Latino hip hop albums EVER

Barbershop talk. The list. Who’s better. Jordan or LeBron? Messi or Ronaldo? New York pizza or Chicago pizza? We can go all day. Who’s really wrong anyway. We love and hate lists. Love em cause it’s fun and we can reflect on what we love. Hate it cause someone will get offended. Ni modo!! We made a list of the greatest hip hop albums made by Latinos. Top 20. Albums that had it all. Beats. Rhymes. Impact. Game changers. We spoke to different rappers, producers and fans. Had votes. Had people…

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