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The other day someone told me he knew where I could get some really good Mexican food, and that one of the restaurants was “authentic”. I wish he hadn’t said that, because it struck me like a knife. Authentic! it’s piercing syllables stabbing my heart like a murderous rage. It’s meaning diminished the moment it left his lips, fading into thin air. What do you know about authentic? What do you know about tacos being a way of life? Where miraculous tortillas become utensils instead of choices on a menu?…

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Mexican Independence Day Parade Exclusive 

Mexican Independence Day Parade

When you’re Mexican, you don’t wake up to birds chirping at 6am. You wake up to Rancheras, Cumbias or whatever your mom is cleaning the house to. This past Saturday, like every weekend since I recently moved to Chicago, I woke up to a variety of music. Chente, Sonora Dinamita and even some Ramon Ayala’s “Que Casualidad” one of my favorite songs. This Saturday was somewhat different though. Se escuchaban las matracas, lots of whistles, los tambores, people screaming VIVA MEXICO and even some banda. (Yes, banda will make me dance) I remembered this weekend was Mexican…

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